Process Oils  

Process Oils for Rubber are classified based on their properties as,

Aromatic Process Oils.: High solvency oils produced through blending of judiciously selected feed stocks extracted by the use of a controlled liquid extraction process from paraffinic lubricant fractions. These oils contain a large number of aromatic ring carbons and therefore exhibit low volatility and high viscosity.

Special Grade Process Oils (Low PCA Oils): Produced through blending of judiciously selected base stocks resulting in oils of specific characteristics. These series of oils are guaranteed to meet the European Union Directive 2005/69/EC of 76/769/EEC, for PAH content and IP 346 requirements for PCA content. Some of Special grade oils are formulated to offer replacements for certain Aromatics.

Naphthenic Type Process Oils: Light coloured, highly refined oils produced by blending of judiciously selected base stocks which ensures that the oils have higher Naphthenic ring carbon content. These oils exhibit excellent compatibility, good colour stability and non-staining properties.

Paraffinic Process Oils: - Highly refined Oils produced by blending of judiciously selected base stocks manufactured by the distillation, solvent extraction & dewaxing of select high paraffinic crude. They have low solvency and high aniline point with low aromaticity, excellent colour & thermal stability.