Product Portfolio  

Tyre & Tube Industry:
We cater to tyre manufacturers across the country – both ona n indent model as well as ex-warehouse sale. Tire manufacturing in India is spread across North West & South of India, all the regions are managed by our sales office & warehouses

Industrial Rubber Products:
India is a large hub for Automotive Ancillary supplies, and Industrial Rubber component Industrial Rubber Products – such as Hoses, Belts, Oil Seals, Rubber Pads etc., Our pan India presence & strong technical support to these customers

Inks & Coatings
Indian Ink Industry is USD 450mn with growth of 12 -15 %, YOY. In terms of tonnage of ink manufactured in India, it is estimated to be 110 million tonnes.

Growth of Indian Paint Industry is riding on the Automobile Industry, new construction in the Housing segment and Infrastructure growth throughout the country. Indian Paint Industry has been growing @ 10% per annum.

For both these industries we have reach to small, medium & large & organized coating makers across the country.

Plastics & Compounding
Is Growing by large numbers – last year’s basic growth across various sector was 12 %. (reported by Plastic Council of India)Large volume of exports taking place from India, ensures that users are shifting over to Special Blacks, from commodity based products. We work with master batchers, compounders & moulders.