Process Aids  

1. Additives:
This is used to improve the dispersion of the powdered materials in the rubber matrix during the mixing stage of the Rubber Compounds and can shorten the mixing time by faster filler incorporation, without significantly influence on the physical properties of the Rubber compound. Available in various grades, zinc based, zinc-free based as well.

2. Physical Peptiser:
Helps in peptizing the Natural Rubber and Synthetic Polyisoprene rubber thereby the processability of the compound noticeably improved without lowering the molecular weight of the Rubber.

3. Homogenising Agents:
Improves the homogeneity of blend of polymers/Rubbers with different polarities and viscosities and also improves the rate of incorporation & dispersion of the compounding ingredients, which improves the processing performance and batch-to-batch uniformity of the rubber compounds.