Dry Bonding Agents  

Dry Bonding agents are used as a direct bonding system which leads to high adhesion value between Rubber and Fabric(dipped or undipped) / coated steel cords for the manufacture of range of products viz. Tyres, Belts(Transmission, Conveyor), Hoses, Moulded items, Rubberised Fabric, etc.

Dry Bonding system consists of three components viz., resorcinol donor, methylene donor and ppt. silica and needs to be added in the rubber compound during the mixing of the rubber compounds. The adhesive resin, which is formed by the in-situ reaction of resorcinol & methylene compound at the time of vulcanisation, are migrated to the interface of fabric/steel cords and forms a stable chemical bridge between reinforcing materials/substrates and the rubber compound.